Ainsley talking to me :)

Why I love Technology <3

I’d like to share with you some of the reasons why I love technology.  First, I am grateful for technology because I was able to build a company from scratch that was able to help take care of my daughter.  My daughter has had some significant health challenges to put it mildly.  

This video is from when Ainsley was just starting to speak.  I love that this moment was captured and especially those sounds and her voice.

Ainsley had four brain surgeries by age two and her pediatrician wasn’t sure she’d live to see age three.  In four days she’ll turn nine!

Because of technology (and a lot of hard work) I was able to build a business that helped my daughter have access to the best medical care available.  Her mom was also able to go years without working and be able to help Ainsley with all her appointments and procedures (of which there were many).

Another reason I love technology is that without it, my daughter wouldn’t be able to talk.  Shortly after this video was taken Ainsley regressed and essentially never regained the ability to speak.  Computer tablet technology has not only helped her speak, but has let her have friends, learn, and explore the world.  It’s helped her communicate with teachers, family, and friends.  

Anyway, that’s a part of why I like to hack things together.  I’m deeply appreciative of the sacrifices and efforts of the engineers that helped build the technology that has made it possible for my daughter to live, make friends, tell jokes, and be a kid.

I love you Ainsley!