I like to solve large complicated problems

Over the last 25 years I’ve worked with computers and have essentially taken a screwdriver to just about any type of computer you would ever need.  Or a business would need.  My current professional efforts are primarily working to be the CEO BigTB needs to become a fully grown “dark unicorn”.  Dark Unicorn is my term for a bootstrapped Unicorn.  If you know what a dark horse candidate is, the concept is basically the same.

If you have problems (of virtually any professional nature), I can help.  My company can help your business take advantage of the same improvements to technology that your competitors paid fortunes for. 

Areas of Expertise

Software Development and launch

I can build enterprise ready solutions that can scale to millions of users for less than a tenth of what my competitors charge.

Great technology at incredible pricing.

Custom Hosting and Technology solutions

The first time I opened a computer case was in the mid 90s. The improvements in technology since then are so incredible that most mobile phones could be turned into website servers that could host thousands of visitors. There are much better solutions, but I like to admire how impressive the new technology is.

I have experience with massive databases, streaming video internationally, and a wide variety of application of different hosting solutions.

Open-Source Ninja

Most major products have several Open-Source alternatives. One of the reasons why computing has advanced so much is because so many individuals and companies will share their code. This is like a public use patent.
I have used so many different technologies to create so many different unique solutions that along the way I became uniquely capable of taking well-supported and secure solutions to deploy them on self-hosted hardware.

The future is Open-Source.

Workflow Improvement

I can help you take your existing processes and manage them easily through website and mobile app interfaces.

Crypto Optimist

I don’t think Web 3.0 is where we will see Crypto go mainstream, but we are making huge progress!

My Rates

Simple Business Support

$ 75
  • Per Hour


Business Support
$ 475
  • Per Hour