I help startups and small businesses.

I have spent more than 20 years learning about technology and business.  I’ve built businesses, I’ve launched businesses that failed, I’ve watched businesses die.  By working with me you not only get expert advice, but I can walk you through real world experience the world of entrepreneurship more gently than I have.


Startup Review

If you have an early idea for a startup, but aren’t sure where to go, you might want to hire me for a startup review.  I have helped coach dozens of startups and have launched many more.  I can help review your plan so you understand what your next steps should be.  


Website Development

I can build you a basic website quickly and professionally.  My services start at $495 for a basic website.  I can build anything from a simple single page website through social media networks, launch cryptocurrencies, and stream video internationally.  If you’ve seen it done, I can probably build it for you.


Workflow Automation

It is no secret that computers are getting faster every day.  As we have incorporated more computer interaction in business processes, it has become easier to automate them.  I can help businesses either upgrade their existing workflows or move to leading or bleeding edge solutions.  This can help your business fight like a much larger company, even on a limited budget.


Digital Marketing

Where should your business be marketing?  Is the internet for every business?  I can help you navigate the way your business and customers interact to make sure that you are visible where customers are looking for you.  Looking to build an online footprint? I can also help you with your SEO and Search Marketing as well.


Solutions Architect

So you know what software you want, but what about hosting?  How do you know what your bandwidth needs are?  I can help you navigate your technology needs so that you can optimize for both your budget and user experience.  Many customers can save significantly by moving off of traditional cloud services.  No matter what your technology needs are, I can help you build and maintain the right infrastructure.


Stress Management Coaching

Owning a small business or launching a startup creates a lot of stress.  How will you handle it?  What will you do if you find you aren’t handling it well?  I can help you build and execute a plan to help you manage your stress so you can try to avoid problems, but also have the tools you need to handle the situation when they happen.

Do you want to talk to Josh about being your consultant?

The first step is to fill out the questionaire.  I’ll ask specific questions about you and your business to help determine if this is a good fit.  The first 30 minutes is free and we’ll discuss the information you put in the form.  After that you can decide if you want to retain me and we can discuss rates.  

Virtual personal assistant from Los Angeles supports companies with administrative tasks and handling of office organizational issues.