The Future of AI: Dystopian Nightmare or Utopian Dream
18 Jan 06:30 PM
Until 18 Jan, 09:00 PM 2h 30m

The Future of AI: Dystopian Nightmare or Utopian Dream

place Perception Las Vegas 2780 S Las Vegas Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89109 expand_more
Join us for a riveting debate that delves into one of the most interesting current issues in technology: the future of Artificial Intelligence. "The Future of AI: Dystopian Nightmare or Utopian Dream" promises to be a thought-provoking event, featuring two speakers with contrasting views on AI's impact on humanity. Joshua Stacy of Big Technology Builders (BigTB) and Christopher Wright of AITC take center stage in this much-anticipated debate. Joshua Stacy, a visionary in leveraging technology for the greater good, contends that AI is a powerful tool for democratizing access to information, technology, and opportunity. His stance reflects the mission of BigTB, championing the belief that AI can be a force for positive change, leveling the playing field for businesses and individuals alike. Stacy's optimistic perspective envisions a future where AI enhances human capabilities and fosters an era of unprecedented growth and opportunity. Contrastingly, Christopher Wright of AITC presents a cautionary tale. He voices concerns that AI might lead humanity down a path of destruction, posing ethical dilemmas and existential threats. Wright's dystopian view warns of a future where AI surpasses human control, leading to societal upheaval and a loss of fundamental human values. This debate is more than just an exchange of ideas; it's a critical exploration of AI's role in shaping our future. Whether you're a technology enthusiast, a business professional, or simply someone curious about the future of our world, this event is a must-attend. Be part of a conversation that could define the trajectory of AI and its influence on humanity. Secure your ticket now for an evening of insightful discourse and lively debate on one of the most important topics of current technological innovation.
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