Which plan is right for you?

Engagement Options

For select opportunities I will take performance based compensation, though I generally do expect at least some cash contribution.

For Early Startups

$ 495 Session
  • 2 hour working session
  • Includes a basic website

For Small Businesses

$ 125 Per Hour
  • Purchased in 10 hour increments and billed in six minute increments.
  • Discounts available for monthly contracts

Build a Startup

$ 50k+ Per Startup
  • Includes all development, hosting, design, licensing fees, and everything needed to build a profitable software business.
  • No Guarantee of Outcome

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Trying connecting with me on LinkedIn and sending a thoughtful (and brief) message!)

General information

Josh has more than two decades of experience working with various computer technology.  Currently Josh is the CEO of BigTB.  At BigTB, the mission of the company is to democratize access to information, technology, and opportunity.  Josh already built his first multi-million dollar company, now he wants to build a billion dollar company.  To accomplish that goal, Josh is trying to help 1,000 small businesses and startups reach at least $1,000,000 in value.  The goal of Project 1,000 is simple, become a billionaire making millionaires.

After experiencing some professional setbacks Josh decided to try something very aggressive; Project 20.  The Goal of Project 20 was to try to build 20 Startups in 20 months.  On that adventure, Josh met his business partner and the two decided to raise that goal to 1,000.  As of this publication, BigTB is currently at approximately 52/1,000 attempts.  For a small company being in business for less than three years, this is pretty cool.  

Project 1,000 is an attempt to help leverage my experience building a multi-million dollar software company to help create the technology solutions non-technical business founders need.  For example, if you have a great business idea, but you can’t get an investor to give you money for the development of the product, at BigTB we can help build select projects in exchange for mostly equity.  We do prefer cash, but the mission of the company is to democratize access to information, technology, and opportunity.  We choose projects with a strong preference towards founders/owners that are deeply passionate about their industry and deeply understand it.  If that passionate and knowledgeable founder also has the ability to market the software once it is built, then we give strong preference to those types of deals.

Not all projects are right for Project 1,000, but most are.  We generally take an equity position of 10%-50% (based on our level of involvement) and 1%-10% of revenues.  We also prefer a payment of at least 10% of the value of the work performed as an immediate payment.  

I started off with desktop and internet programming in 1999, but I spent a lot of my early career in the insurance industry.  While in the insurance industry I worked a lot with aggressive marketing campaigns that included hiring up to 20 telemarketers at a time.  I built the phone servers we used and did the training for the telemarketers.  At this point in my career, technology is mostly about getting computers to send, receive, and process picture, text, video, and other information.  Virtually every project works on those same concepts.  I primarily work with WordPress (which is also used by Zillow, a multi-billion dollar company ;).)

If there is a potential for a project to be part of Project 1,000, then I’ll offer a free consultation about how that could work.

Virtual personal assistant from Los Angeles supports companies with administrative tasks and handling of office organizational issues.