The big takeaway on this is to focus on them understanding no matter where they are going for insurance, they want to work with an indepenent broker. This helps establish trust through actually providing useful information.
It doesn't matter as much what the answer is, what matters is identifying what the prospects particular interest is. If they care about a particular issue (like getting qualified, rate, etc), then you can continue to reference this moving forward to demonstrate that you are listening to what they are asking for.
Input the different rates/products quoted here. What this will do is include the information in the records so this way you can have specifics on rates, health conditions, etc)
This lets the prospect tell you exactly where their head is at and what changes or adjustments you may need to make to your offer. This also serves as a great time to have open discussion and "listen" for any objections or concerns. this is a "soft close".

Ask for the Sale

Once you have refined the offer and identified the best match for what they are wanting, you gotta sk for the business.

Process Application (if applicable)

Cool Down (if sold)

If the application has been submitted, review the coverage and let them know what the next steps will be (physical, lab work, just getting the policy in the mail, whatever). This is where a lot of agents get lazy and they end up getting chargebacks because the prospect wakes up the next morning wondering "why did I buy that?", so when those "bad thoughts" come, they need to remember that they bought it because of x, y, or z. This is the right stage to button that down.
It doesn't matter as much if you get a referral at this point, but if you ask a dozen prospects (whether they bought or not) for a referral, you're probably going to start getting some referral business.