Who is Josh?

Internet and Technology Enthusiast

I started “playing with computers” in the mid 90’s.  My dad worked at a software company and one day he brought home a Toshiba T1600.  What a monster that was.  It had DOS and WordPerfect and a screen that was blue and green.  I also saw that it had a phone jack which made me think, “the computers can talk to each other!”  Moving forward, in 1999 I took a programming class at a high school in upstate New York where I learned Visual Basic 6 and qbasic, along with HTML.  

Being able to learn about computers at a young age helped me build a career for myself that has helped me enjoy a tremendous amount of freedom.  I’m very excited about the internet and technology in general.


Startup Builder and Coach

My coaching style is very much “tough love”, but presented in an actionable way.  In high school one of my technology teachers would never give me a 100% on an assignment the first time, no matter how well I did.  There was always opportunity for improvement and that helped me learn and push myself in a very support way.  I was always able to have help if I needed it and learned much more because I was pushed.  I have coached at an accelerator on the east coast as well as on an individual basis with many more.  If you are thinking about a startup and looking for a coach, I’m happy to give you honest criticism in an actionable way.

Internet Activist

In 2018 I started working on StreamRift.com which currently exists as a social media platform.  I happily host content deemed “objectionable” my the standards of many countries.  I believe that free speech is absolutely required for society to progress.  I am a free speech absolutist.  

I love working on projects that help break the walls of censorship.  

As a fun side note, after working on StreamRift, I was approached by Cicada 3301 (or so legend has it).

Ordained Elder

For roughly the first three decades of my life I was an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) and became an ordained Elder.  I rarely go by Elder Stacy, but that does heavily shape a lot of the way I view the world.

To be clear, I have not been an active member in that faith for some time, but I have deeply studied the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Book of Mormon, and have attended a multitude of additional religious presentations.


I have grown various things in the past, but currently I am working on growing peas indoors.  They are delicious!  Fun fact, peas are best if eaten within four hours of picking them.  The yields of my little indoor garden have been quite low so far, but the peas fresh from the garden are absolutely amazing!  

I am currently trying to figure out how much indoor space one would need to be able to provide at least half the calories they eat from a home garden.  Research is ongoing.