A few years ago I was finally able to acquire this domain (joshuastacy.com) from another Joshua Stacy. While there are many Joshua Stacy’s in the world, I am the only one that has the domain 😉

I first took an interest in computers when my dad brought home a Toshiba T1600 from his job. This was nothing like the computers we have today; that was just a pipe dream. The T1600 featured MS-DOS, WordPerfect, and the screen was “monochromatic” blue and green. It was a simpler time. I was about 10 at the time (around 1995). When I saw on the back it had a phone jack I asked if that would connect through the phone. HOLY SHIT! THE COMPUTERS CAN TALK TO EACH OTHER THROUGH THE PHONE!!!

A few years later in high school I was able to get my first Windows 95 based computer and that had a blazing fast 56k modem which could download a 3 minute song in roughly 20 minutes. It was on that computer I first saw a video that I downloaded from the internet. It took forever, the resolution was garbage, the audio was brutal, and it used RealPlayer. That computer was where I also used Netscape Navigator and a pile of other desktop programs that are sort of relics. Things like napster and limewire changed the music and recording industries forever. After I moved out of my parents house I eventually was able to get high speed internet. To be clear, for no dollar amount could anyone in my side of town get cable internet, just stuck with 56k. To be clear, if your phone gets throttled for “slowed down data”, it is probably still faster than the 56k.

I love talking about the internet and I love working with technology to make really cool products that make life easier. I like being able to engineer computers and networks to radically improve outcomes. I’m sure I’ll post more about those later, but this is mostly a quick post so I can see how it looks in the articles section of this website 🙂

I’m going to try to do at least one long-format writing piece a week. We’ll see what happens!