Where did List Shack come from?

Back in 2013 I finally pulled the trigger on making an unlimited data product, it was ListShack.com. At the time I was selling mailing and telemarketing lists through AffordableMarketingLists.com which I eventually incorporated as Affordable Marketing Lists, LLC.

At AffordableMarketingLists.com I did something relatively unheard of in the list business, I actually told people what my pricing was upfront. My lowest price was $69 for up to 1,000 marketing records which was about half of what most other companies would charge. I prided myself on excellent customer service and offered a 100% replacement or refund on any bad data. To help reduce the administrative overhead associated with processing refunds, I would include an extra 5% in each order to help offset that upfront. Guess what? I almost never got a complaint of anyone asking for more extra credits than that! So, by purchasing lists in bulk and getting a price of around a penny a lead I was able to mark it up to 6.9 cents! I actually ended up making more money overall with larger orders which required deep discounts, but I had a system where when people called me up for a list I could give them a great experience at a great price.

So I liked big orders, but I did a lot more small orders. I tried to automate the system I had been using with basically doing an add-on to the site, but the developer I spoke with about it said it would actually be easier to just build a new site. So, what’s a guy to do? I got some cheap data, made a budget platform, and hoped I wouldn’t kill my existing revenues.

So then what happened? AML increased it’s revenues by nearly 10x in three years! Apparently automating an excellent customer experience at a fraction of the market price of similar services is a good business model 🙂

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